Settling In

The latest post from my travel blog. Woo. 🙂

The Definition of Travel

I arrived in Edinburgh on Wednesday and was welcomed by rain and howling winds. After trekking half way across town to fetch my key and learning the true origins of the term luggage, I arrived at my accommodation and began to get settled in. I always underestimate how lovely it is to be staying somewhere long enough that you can afford to unpack your suitcases entirely.

A welcome dinner of haggis for all the visiting students was a great way to meet people. And the haggis wasn’t too bad honestly. As long as you didn’t think about it. Thursday was filled with dull but necessary inductions and information sessions. Tonight, though, there’s a ceilidh on! I’d explain what it is but my understanding is vague so I’ll give you the low-down next time but basically it’s a dance.

Today I had a chance to explore Edinburgh a it more. It’s…

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