WIPpet for Wednesday

Hello all! I’m pleased to report that I had an amazing time in England and Wales over the last week though the return to reality was rather harsh. I did do a WIPpet Wednesday post last week as well but I scheduled it and didn’t have the facilities to add it to the link so I’ve put that link up on the linky thing today as well. 🙂 It might be worth taking a look because it leads straight into today’s passage.

Thanks as always to the incredible K.L. Schwengel who hosts these shenanigans and also a huge congratulations to our own Kate Sparkes  who’s celebrating the unveiling of her latest book’s cover! You can find the other WIPeteers (like musketeers but without the hats – sometimes) here. 🙂

Today’s offering is from SSHK and relates to the date because I wrote it today! Sometimes, I astound myself with my levels of preparedness. Or lack thereof. As I mentioned earlier, it follows on from last week. 🙂

The ritual formalities over, the six Finders took their seats around the oval table. Fiana remained standing. “Deshral, He who is Flame, the Maker and the Destroyer, Who was and is and will come to be, has spoken. I should not need to remind you that what lies ahead is the most important task in your lives. Every moment of preparation and prayer, every census you have memorised and skill you have learnt, has lead you to this room today.” Fiana paused, her voice softening, “We have waited twenty years for the Flame to speak. Long years. Though it is perhaps unwise to say it, to criticise the gods, the last Four were not kind nor noble. They did more harm than good and in the decades since they died, things have not improved. We are at a turning point for Erelda – you are entrusted with training and shaping the Four whose fates will decide whether this nation falls or triumphs.”

Jahinda’s heart swelled with pride and she sat straighter in her seat but the others did not look quite so comfortable. They doubted. But she knew she was chosen, chosen by the gods for this task. When Memset had called her to Her temple, her family had tried to dissuade her. Jahinda hadn’t listened. And now, everything she’d worked for was in motion.

13 thoughts on “WIPpet for Wednesday

  1. Emily Witt says:

    I agree with Kate, I can see Jahinda not getting quite what she bargained for.

    I really like the idea of the Naming, though. I only hope they turn out better than the last ones.

  2. Pax Asteriae says:

    It’s nice to see why it’s so important, as well as why some of the townspeople were so keen to pack up and go in your last snippet. if the last four weren’t so great, I wouldn’t want to stick around to see what happened this time either.

    Jahinda sounds naive, but so far I’m absolutely fascinated by her. I love characters who have that kind of single-minded drive, it’s always interesting to see how they take it when things don’t go the way they planned…

  3. kathils says:

    I second what everyone else has voiced. That’s what I get for coming late to the party. I do wonder, though, didn’t you say they don’t have all the names? I suspect that little detail is going to greatly complicate Jahinda’s task.

  4. tpolen says:

    I’m thinking may Jahinda is in for a surprise? Since the last four weren’t so great, I can’t really blame the townspeople for packing up and getting the hell out of Dodge.

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