Spring has Sprung

Despite the persistent cold and the snow that fell last week, spring in Edinburgh is now well and truly in full swing. Flowers are blooming in the meadows and, when it’s not raining, the sky is a brilliant blue. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen much of the weather because I’ve been stuck inside writing my linguistics essays.

Due to essays, non-academic writing has taken the back-burner this week. But anyway, enough of that. Onto the WIPpet. Thank you, as always, to our host K.L. Schwengel and you can find the rest of the WIPpeteers  here.Today we have 11 words from SSHK, plus the following sentence because they go together.

Context: The Regent, Daviz, has been overseeing things since the last Four were assassinated nearly twenty years earlier. He also happens to be the son of the last King and Sorcerer. He has just found out about the Naming.

“Oh, Tamar,” Daviz sighed, “I was having such a pleasant evening.”

Tamar shrugged, her eyes were devoid of pity, “And I was having such a nice life until the last Four decided to ruin it.”

Hope your week was and is amazing and that any snow soon makes way for flowers. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. kathils says:

    Tamar’s line is priceless. But, well, that’s hardly enough. Longer snippets, if you please. Or even if you don’t please. 😉

  2. shanjeniah says:

    What a place to come back, after too long away!

    We took an Oregon vacation, and got a ten day preview of spring. Things are finally melting here, and the days are getting warmer. No flowers yet….but eventually.

    May you get through those essays, so that you can get outside and enjoy the beauty of the season! =D

  3. tpolen says:

    I like Tamar’s comeback – a good sense of humor. I’d almost forgotten what flowers looked like with all the snow and rain we’ve been having, but saw some pansies today and just seeing their bright colors put me in a better mood.

  4. Pax Asteriae says:

    I love Tamar’s reply–a great way to put Daviz in his place!

    No flowers here that I’ve been able to see, though maybe soon the trees will start perking up. Glad your meadows are flourishing!

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