The End is Nigh

So today I had my last undergraduate lecture ever and most likely my last Ancient History and last Linguistics lecture ever. So sad. I’ve decided that if I do more study, it will be in a different discipline but I am going to miss these subjects so much. The last three years have flown by and I still haven’t finished editing/perfecting Queen of Hearts. I think that it’s going to be that one manuscript that I’m always working on.

As November looms closer, I’m more focused on essays and exams than NaNoWriMo. I have a few works in the pipeline that I’m keen to work on but they require some planning. As I mentioned last week, I’ve set up a facebook group for people who want to participate in the community of NaNo without leaving the comfort of their own homes. I figure we all have a pretty good thing going here and my local group isn’t really the sort of group environment I want to be in.

I’m tossing up between three choices at the moment and so I’ll give you seven(+) words for each. Let me know which one you want to hear more of because November means NaNo related WIPpets. 🙂

Sometimes you win. And sometimes you loose. Tasyn had known this since before he set out but still he went. And now here he was, rotting for gods-knew how long in a Haelean cell.

It was an easy job – poison Anya, get out. So why did Eriden’s hands shake as she mopped her mistress’ brow with one and stirred the tasteless powder into the wine glass with the other?

Three things mattered: honour, duty and truth. Or at least, that was what she told herself.

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