So soon…to doom!

Okay, that was maybe a little to melodramatic but hey, creative license and all that, right? In three days another round of NaNoWriMo begins and as usual, I’ve left my prep to the last minute because “I work well under pressure”* but I have finally decided what I’m going to do. Instead of choosing just one project to work on, I’m going to spend a week each on four different projects (and use the leftover days as some much needed leeway).

Week 1 – I’ll be working on rewrites/edits of Queen of Hearts. Yes, I still haven;t finished this. And tbh not sure I ever will, so…

Week 2 – Adding to the stagnated word count of Rebellion or, as I’m NaNo calling is, Hollow is the Crown because drama.

Week 3 – Working on Enarenal which was my 2013 NaNo attempt, which I promptly ignored as soon as December 1st rolled around.

Week 4 Sorcerer. Soldier. Healer. King. A.k.a., a newish project that I’m actually quite excited about and did plan but may or may not have misplaced that plan when I moved back from Edinburgh…Hopefully, by the fourth week of November, I will have found it.

So that’s the NaNo plan. Remember, you can join the madness at this facebook group. 😀

Onto WIPpet, because I’m sure it’s still Wednesday somewhere and after a six month absence, I owe you guys one. From Chapter 28 of Queen of Hearts. After all the battles etc and *spoilers*, Kara still has to fight for her crown. This scene takes place soon after she returns to the capital. Please bear in mind that it is hideously unedited.

When a page came knocking on the door, Kara leapt from her seat, book forgotten in a heartbeat. A stern glance from Lyea saw her promptly re-seated. The maid ushered the boy in. He bowed, “My lady, I bear a letter from the Council of Lords.”

Kara stood, taking the letter from his outstretched hand, “Did they ask for a response?”

“No, my lady.”

Kara thanked the boy and watched him leave, noting the red stitching on his black clothes. Thoren’s messenger.  “A summons then.”

“They mean to force your hand.” Laena spoke.

“It was just a matter of time,” Kara sighed. Breaking the seal with a knife, she scanned the contents, “The Council of Lords requests your presence…blah, blah…not important…ah, here, to decide the matter of succession.”

Please check out the other amazing WIPpeteers here. 😀

*this is potentially a lie…

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