A NaNo Update

So we are just over half way through November and National Novel Writing Month which really, by now, should have been changed to International Novel Writing Month. Then we could call it Inno. Y’no?

Anyway, it will come as no surpirse to those of you who have been follwoing me the last few years that I struggle with NaNo. I struggle meeting the word counts, I struggle with ideas. This is not an uncommon problem. After all, NaNo is designed as a challenge, not a walk in the park but however much people (and *I*) say that the point of NaNo is the personal challenge rather than the word count, I really would like to make the word count on year, purely from novel writing. This year will not be that year. Maybe next year will be, or the year after. As long as I *am* writing, I suppose it doens’t matter how long it takes to make an arbitrary deadline.

The point of the post though is to let you know that not being up to date on the official word count is no reason to give up, to be disheartened. Don’t do that, please. My old headmaster had this saying which I find really motivational – those who start have already beaten all those who didn’t start. So start, keep going. Believe in yourself, in your story, in this weird improbable world that we live in. ❤

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