WIPpet Wednesday

So again we reach Wednesday and the third Wednesday during NaNo which means you get this lovely, fresh, hideously unedited snippet of Rebellion. And yes, if you saw my post about my plan for NaNo, I should be working on Enarenal by now but as so often happens, things didn’t go exactly according to plan.

After I handed in my last undergraduate essay on Monday (woo!), it took me a day or so to get myself in a novelling headspace rather than an academic one and I’d already slipped a bit behind because I had to focus my time on my essay and, you know, staying alive. However, although I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t entirely idle. This week, I was supposed to be working on Enarenal but, upon opening the document, realised it had been two years (NaN0 2013) since I’d even looked at it and I had no idea where the characters were or even who half of the were, let alone what the plot was supposed to be. (Yes, you may have guessed by now, planning novels is not my strong suit, nor my preferred method. I like the feel of the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style, at least until I fly face first into a tree a la George of the Jungle – which is sort of what happened here…) So I read it to get myself up to date and, I may be a little biased here but I enjoyed it. And wanted to cry. You know that feel when you have characters in two different stages of life and they’ll say or do something when they’re younger that you know is a lie. So yeah, a lot of feels. I hope that this will eventually translate to the reader as well otherwise I’m going to be that mad author of poorly written books who cries over things none of the readers pick up on.

Anyway enough rambling. For the tl;dr: didn’t write words, did some reading, used Epic Music Hour/music writing sprints to get words on the page, am catching up to the official word count! 🙂

Our WIPpet scene today is from the Enarenal. Sweet young ones saying things that those of you who beta read Queen of Hearts for me may be able to recognise and understand why I’m so emotional about my fictional children.

19 ‘paragraphs’ – 18 for the day + 1 for good luck. Eriden, a young urchin/spy/house maid is sitting on the roof of the house where she works, looking over the night draped city when a young boy, Bren, suddenly appears.

‘What are you doing here?’ Eri demaned.

Bren grinned. ‘If I told you, I would have to kill you.’

Eri frowned. ‘Really? Why?’

‘Coz it’s secret guild business.’ he said.


‘The assassin’s guild,’ Bren divulged, ‘I’m Alyan’s apprentice. You have heard of him haven’t you?’

Eri shook her head.

Bren crouched down beside her, his tone conspiritational. ‘He’s the best assassin in the city. They say he’ll be guild master one day.’

‘Are you allowed to tell me this?’

‘No. I told you, I’ll have to kill you.’

Eri could tell from the tone of his voice that he wasn’t serious but she tested him anyway, sliding her knife from its familiar place in her sleeve and pressing its narrow point against his neck, ‘I would like to see you try.’

Bren laughed. ‘You can’t kill me, you’re a girl.’


‘Girls can’t kill anyone. Everyone knows that.’

‘I could. If I needed to.’




‘I could,’ Eri argued hotly.

Bren laughed, ‘You couldn’t.’ He stood, walked to the edge of the roof, waved jauntily and slithered away down the drainpipe.

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12 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. K.S. Norton says:

    I love this! It reminds me of a lot anime. The characters have their own distinctive personalities based off their background. In my world, children would behave that if that was how they were raised and actually they would behave a lot worse. Either way, I love it and will be following along, especially the part about assassins and guild. Hook me from the first sentence!

  2. kathils says:

    ‘Girls can’t kill anyone. Everyone knows that.’ *shakes head and chuckles* Ah, Bren. I have some girls I’d like to introduce you to, but I get the feeling Eri will set you straight all on her own.

  3. A says:

    I kinda want her to kill him now just to prove a point. pffft Also, it freaks me out when I read characters with the same name as my real name (not Adrian but the one people call me), and you’ve got one of those, and no I’m not saying which one. =P I hope I’m not the only person that freaks out.

    I love their banter back and forth, but since I don’t know much about their interactions beforehand or their connections I could see how it would seem odd. It’s banter of characters that have known each other at least a decent time, even with kids, even if the kids aren’t BFFs but have still known each other. Anyway, that’s my ramble for now.

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