The Final Countdown

This week has been a very emotional one for me. Before you get too concerned though, I should clarify that the root of this problem is fictional characters.

fictional characters

If you watch Doctor Who and saw the latest episode, well, that was not a fun time. And I also went to see the final installment of the Hunger Games last night. Again, not a fun time. And all that emotion on top of trying to do NaNoWriMo so of course, I dealt with it by listening to sad songs. Mostly this song on repeat with a few plays of the Hanging Tree thrown in.

But apart from the emotional distress, this week has been super productive. Hopefully, by the time this post goes live, I will have written almost 10,000 words in the last three days alone and have caught up to the official NaNo word count and might actually have a chance to get to 50,000 words this month which, honestly, I did not think was even a possibility this time last week.

Moving on, you may have noticed that today is Wednesday. Again. Does it seriously not surprise anyone else the frequency with which Wednesdays occur??? My work for this week, Enarenel, has been progressing really well although the inner edito in me needs constant distraction so it doesn’t overtake my plans. Hopefully after tomorrow, I’ll be able to move onto my newest and least complete work Sorcerer Soldier Healer King. 

For this week’s WIPpet, a section from the 25th page I’ve written of Enarenal this November. I was thinking of sharing this passage anyway some how because I wanted feedback on the info-dumpiness of it.

Context: Eriden has run away from the temple of Rena/brothel where she’d been living for the past few years in order to reunite with a pair of assassins from her past. As they plan their attack on a guild master in the city, the pair of assassins tell Eriden to meet them in a temple dedicated to Rena. Yes, that’s right, the goddess (of life, no less) she just ditched to join a rag tag team of assassins.

Eriden took a deep breath, still trying to steady her nerves. In the eerie half-light the statue of Rena by the altar loomed large. The shadows of the leaves of the marble vines encircling the goddess dragged along the checked floor in sharp, dagger-like points. As if the statue was both Rena and Nare at once, life and death, joy and sorrow; everything and nothingness all at once. There were those who believed the four gods were merely separate aspects of one divine being. The circular design of the temples was meant to reinforce this idea but for Eriden, it had never seemed to hold much merit. How could one part of a being embody life and everything in it while another embodied death? It made no sense. Until now. Rena and Nare were like two sides of a coin. She realised that maybe, she could serve both goddesses. Be a priestess of life and a handmaiden of death. The fog of thoughts which had been clouding her mind for days now evaporated, replaced by a sense of calm.

She pulled her hair around her right shoulder, raking her hands through the long strands. “So,” she said as she rebraided her thick hair, “When do we leave?”

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4 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. K.S. Norton says:

    I enjoyed this and didn’t get any info dumping. But that is me, and I have a long way to go with anything writing related.

    Side note: I hated when my favorite fictional dies and it’s unexpected. There are many times where I cried and asked the animators or writers why over and over. Even though, darn well they cant hear me.

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