Le Deuxième Mercredi

So we are already two Wednesday’s into the year and it’s time for updates on WIPpet, ROW80 and my own 100 Days Challenge.

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by fellow Aussie Emily Witt 🙂

Today’s excerpt is from Queen of Hearts. My maths has never been good 😛

“Peace?” Anjez raised his eyebrows. “On what terms?”

My ROW80 goals aren’t hugely in order. I’ve had a super busy week moving house and getting everything in order.

  • read a book a fortnight – currently re-reading Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder and it’s as good as I remember it
  • blog about something other than WIPpet/ROW80 done
  • practice Swedish/French/Spanish/Russian – so far so good, mostly been focusing on Swedish this week
  • edit Queen of Hearts – haven’t worked on this yet
  • write something, anything – again, haven’t worked on this yet

So far my 100 Days has been going well.


  1. Language practice
  2. Went for a long walk
  3. Went for a walk

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