Making Progress – WIPpet #3 2016 & ROW80

Time for those weekly updates – WIPpet Wednesday and ROW80. This will likely be my last Wednesday ROW80 for this round but I’ll be posting further updates on Sundays 🙂

My goals for ROW80 are:

  • read a book a fortnight – Well, it’s been a fortnight and I’m still working my way through Last of the Amazons  but I’ll be finished it in a day or two. 
  • blog about something other than WIPpet/ROW80 – Done
  • practice Swedish/French/Spanish/Russian – leveled up in Swedish and unlocked some challenging yet exciting grammar sections.
  • edit Queen of Hearts – Edited a chapter since Sunday night.
  • write something, anything – Been working on a short story featuring Karavere’s mother. It’s been really interesting to explore this character who is really no more than a brief footnote in Queen of Hearts


WIPpet Wednesday is a chance for you to share a fragment of your current work/s in progress with other writers and potential readers. It is hosted by the lovely Emily Witt.

Today’s excerpt is from a section of Queen of Hearts which I’ve edited this week however the excerpt itself is new words so excuse the slightly clumsy phrasing. 50 words because 20 x (6 ÷ 2)) – 10 = 50

Bending down, she whispered into his ear a story their mother had told them, “We are made of stardust and sea foam. And I will look for you among the brightest stars and in the wild beauty of the sea.” She kissed his forehead and closed his sightless green eyes.

I’ve been participating in WIPpet Wednesday for over two years now and while you have gotten glimpses of my characters, I feel that I am ready to introduce them properly to you. Starting from this Saturday, I’ll be asking each of my characters a few questions. You choose which character I interview and even the questions! 🙂 I’ll be starting with the crew from Soldier, Sorcerer, Healer, King.

Here’s a quick introduction:

Maisha is the daughter of the captain of the guard, Maisha grew up in the barracks in the shadow of the citadel’s looming walls. Training to be a soldier like her father, Maisha believes in the power of the sword above any notion of divine beings in the clouds.

Jahinda has devoted her life to Memset, the goddess of war. Chosen as a Finder, she eagerly awaits the chance to prove herself.

Kalegos has magic but in Lygea, magic is a death sentence. Sent to live with an elderly scholar, Kalegos buries his magic, focusing instead on scrolls of history and languages. But what is buried  cannot stay so forever.

Itsak has lived with his uncle for as long as he can remember, training in the healing arts. By the age of 8, his skills as a healer have already surpassed his uncle’s. In the village in the mountains, he is believed to have been sent by the gods.

Zri is the son of the legendary Miri, the woman who planned and executed the assassination of the previous Four, corrupt leaders who held Erelda under their thumb. When the Sacred Flame names the next Four, Zri struggles to live up to his mother’s reputation.

Who do you want to hear from first? Maisha, Jahinda, Kalegos, Itsak or Zri?



8 thoughts on “Making Progress – WIPpet #3 2016 & ROW80

  1. authorswilliams says:

    Super cool cast of character descriptions. I would be interested in either the healer or Kalegos. Beautiful excerpt btw. Sometimes those quotes are hard to come by, quotes that can strike up immediate interest. Well done.

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