ROW80 Update

My goals for ROW80 are:

  • read a book a fortnight – I should have finished The Last of the Amazons by now but I haven’t. It’s not half as engaging as it could be.
  • blog about something other than WIPpet/ROW80 – done: the first in my series on character interviews; a post outlining my current blogging schedule which I’ve so far kept to.
  • practice Swedish/French/Spanish/Russian – practicing Swedish through duolingo and I’ve been watching the latest season of Broen (The Bridge). It’s made me realise how terrible my pronunciation is!
  • edit Queen of Hearts – making solid and steady progress on this. I think I can have finished the first section (about 2/3 of the book) by the mid Feb.
  • write something, anything – writing new scenes for Queen of Hearts and the fictionalised interview with Maisha which was quite fun to write. Apart from that, the only writing I’ve been doing has been job applications.

By next week I hope to have:

  • finished editing Chapters 8 & 9
  • read a book (may or may not end up being The Last of the Amazons)
  • practice a language every day
  • prep my interview with my next character 🙂 You can help me choose which character to speak with!

Jahinda has devoted her life to Memset, the goddess of war. Chosen as a Finder, she eagerly awaits the chance to prove herself.

Kalegos has magic but in Lygea, magic is a death sentence. Sent to live with an elderly scholar, Kalegos buries his magic, focusing instead on scrolls of history and languages. But what is buried  cannot stay so forever.

Itsak has lived with his uncle for as long as he can remember, training in the healing arts. By the age of 8, his skills as a healer have already surpassed his uncle’s. In the village in the mountains, he is believed to have been sent by the gods.

Zri is the son of the legendary Miri, the woman who planned and executed the assassination of the previous Four, corrupt leaders who held Erelda under their thumb. When the Sacred Flame names the next Four, Zri struggles to live up to his mother’s reputation.

So who will it be??

*Also, if I don’t reply to your comments straight away, please forgive me. WordPress has been playing a fun game called ‘not telling when there’s a new comment’

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