100 Days – week 3 update

I am happy to say that I am still making great progress on this and haven’t missed a day. Admittedly, some days have been better than others. Towards the end of last week, I managed to edit Chapter 8 of Queen of Hearts which means I am only two chapters away from ticking off the first task on my list for this project.

I’ve practiced Swedish for five days straight; on Duolingo each day, listening to Swedish radio (which is slightly terrifying!) and watching Broen (The Bridge) as the episodes come. I haven’t started looking at French and Spanish yet although there is a language exchange meet up thing on Wednesday which I plan to go to. I should be able to practice there. 🙂

I haven’t added anything to Rebellion Rising or Enarenal yet and the longest walks I’ve been on in the last couple of days were to the supermarket. Still, I’m on the right track and comfortably where I need to be. 🙂

2 thoughts on “100 Days – week 3 update

  1. wanderingsandwonderings says:

    Oh my god I just realised I never sent you my beta stuff for Queen of Hearts (and also I feel like I lost in the great laptop disaster of 2015). Do you need me to find them/rewrite my notes and send them to you?? Or would it be more useful for me to read your new stuff? God I’m the worst!!

    Anyway, great job on all your productivity!! I totally forgot how much walking I could do in one day until I returned to Edinburgh – my legs literally ached after day 1!

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