Den Fjärde Onsdag – WIPpet Time

Today was one of those days where you get up in the morning not realising where it will take you. I ended up submitting a couple more job applications, baking some delicious chocolate cupcakes with rosewater icing and helping my housemate carry her mattress through the city in the rain. Which is why I’m writing this just before I go to bed. I have a job interview in the morning so I’m having an early night.

WIPpet Wednesday is a chance for you to share a fragment of your current work/s in progress with other writers and potential readers. It is hosted by the lovely Emily Witt. The only requirement is that the excerpt has to relate in some way to the date (but we’re pretty lenient about that. You can find links to all the other participants here.

Today’s excerpt is all new. I changed a rather pivotal scene in content but not end point, after a lot of reflection. But I’ll probably be talking more about that on Friday. 16 sentences for 2016.

Kara and Thoren toast the late Prince Brydun.

Thoren crossed the room to a cabinet where sat a bottle of liquor and two glasses. He poured the golden liquid into the glasses and came back to stand in front of Kara. He passed her a glass and lifted his own.

“To the prince.”

“To Brydun,” Kara agreed, throwing back the drink. It burned in her mouth. Bitter. Wrong. Thoren clamped his hand over her mouth, slamming her against the wall so she couldn’t twist away from his grip. She gagged, panic broiling in her chest. The liquid was filling her lungs and everything burned – her mouth, her throat, her nose, her eyes. She swallowed. Thoren let go and she slumped to the ground. His face swam before her, all grin and devilish eyes as she sunk into cool nothingness.

The structure of the first sentence, while technically correct, bugs me. It will be fixed in later drafts.



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