The First February WIPpet

Over the last half of January, I feel that I really fell into a nice rhythm with my blogging. I established a new schedule, a mix of updates, shares and new content. The balance of these is really working for me and for the first time in a long time, I am engaged with blogging and actually enjoying it. It no longer feels like a chore. If you’re also doing ROW80, you can find my latest update on that here.

For the past couple of Saturdays, I have also been interviewing a couple of my characters. So far, we’ve heard from Maisha and Itsak. I’ll be continuing the series this Saturday and you can help me choose the next character!

Jahinda has devoted her life to Memset, the goddess of war. Chosen as a Finder, she eagerly awaits the chance to prove herself.

Kalegos has magic but in Lygea, magic is a death sentence. Sent to live with an elderly scholar, Kalegos buries his magic, focusing instead on scrolls of history and languages. But what is buried  cannot stay so forever.

Zri is the son of the legendary Miri, the woman who planned and executed the assassination of the previous Four, corrupt leaders who held Erelda under their thumb. When the Sacred Flame names the next Four, Zri struggles to live up to his mother’s reputation.

Let me know in the comments who you’d like to hear from next! 🙂

Now, onto the main business of today. WIPpet Wednesday is a chance for you to share a fragment of your current work/s in progress with other writers and potential readers. It is hosted by the lovely Emily Witt.

Today’s excerpt is from Queen of Hearts and comes shortly after the scene I shared with you last week. Three…ideas…I suppose? For the third of the month.

Strange colours and shapes swam before Kara’s eyes.

Blue. Her mother bending over her but as she straightened, she became a snow white eagle. The bird soared into the pale sky, disappearing against the snow covered mountains.

Red. Brydun lying in blood. The blood was a pool. A lake. Red liquid filled her lungs, burning. She couldn’t breathe.

Black. The cool promise, beckoning with her mother’s soft voice. A lullaby of endings.

Researching for this scene was so much fun. I did a lot of reading up on poisons and natural methods of dealing with women’s problems (on which I cannot elaborate because SPOILERS). Who knew plants could be so vicious??


9 thoughts on “The First February WIPpet

  1. shanjeniah says:

    No vote from me, but, WOW! What a snippet! I love imagery, and the way you used the colors – chilling. I’m guessing there’s a lot more going on here than these few lines tell…

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