Four weeks in…

100 days sounds like a small number until you realise that it equates to almost a third of the year. So far, though, it has been going reasonably well. For those of you who read my ROW80 post yesterday, you’ll know that writing wise, everything is pretty much on track. So it’s a bit the same for today. So if the goals for both are the same, why do both?

Because they’re not the same. While ROW80 keeps me accountable for my writing, my 100 Days Challenge is about more than that. It is about getting out of the rut I’d been in since finishing classes in November. It’s about finding a version of myself that can be productive and can contribute to life, even if right now, it’s just my own life.

Here’s a reminder of my goals:

  • Finish editing 2nd section of Queen of Hearts

Editing is coming along well and has really picked up since I posted last week. I also downloaded Scrivener this morning so most of my day has been spent setting that up and familiarising myself with the program.

  • Add 20,000 words to Rebellion Rising (and get a better name for it!)
  • Finish writing Enarenel (approx. 10,000 words)

Rebellion Rising and Enarenel have again been set to one side this week. I feel that as I still have over two and a half months to go in this challenge, I can afford to let them rest until I am finished with this round of edits for Queen of Hearts. 

  • Improve my French

French has been going well. Those spikes you see in the Duolingo screenshot? That was the days I practiced French.

  • Expand my Swedish vocabulary & grammar knowledge
  • Get to level 6 on Duolinguo for Spanish

Jag ska säga att jag har förbättrat mina kunskaper i svenska grammatik denna vecka. 🙂

  • Go for walks (because gym membership is expensive)

I actually forced myself out of bed on Wednesday morning and went for a walk though last week wasn’t great health wise – my sleeping patterns were all over the place and all my payments seemed to be due at once so I was making do with what was in the cupboard. Mostly crackers and noodles, tbh. I did go for a really nice, long walk on Saturday after my first shift at my new workplace.

  • Find a job

Still looking for another one to avoid situations like last week’s. And this week’s. Fun times. I submitted an application for a publishing assistant job on Friday so I’m keen to hear back on that. 🙂




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