Scrivener – the Initial Verdict


I downloaded the free 30 day trial of Scrivener (for Windows) on Monday. I’d been weighing up whether or not to do this for weeks, if not months. Scrivener is marketed as an unapologetically Mac-focused word processor and I use not-Mac (PC? Computers are not my strong suite). When I first looked at Scrivener, a couple of years ago now, the differences between the Mac and PC versions were many but despite their Mac focus, the developers have created a really good PC program.

I took the time to go through the full tutorial when I downloaded Scrivener. There is a quick guide version of the tutorial but I think if you have the time, the longer one is worth while. So far, I am really enjoying using Scrivener. The interface takes a little getting used to and the cork-board feature is not really as cool as I thought it would be. May be it will soon come into its own.


  • I’ve found it relatively easy to adjust to – at least the crucial features
  • The PC version is no longer hugely behind the Mac version
  • You can put whatever image you like as the cork-board background. In the above image, you’ll see I chose a picture which represents the MC of Queen of Hearts
  • Everything is so much easier to structure! It’s incredible.
  • Full screen mode
  • There is a place for everything in the one ‘binder’
  • Split screen view
  • It makes me feel much more professional


  • There are a lot of features I will probably never use
  • The side bars can get confusing
  • You can’t do a search for a word through the whole thing without exiting whichever scene you are currently working in
  • I keep clicking on the Word icon to open my WIP…(this is really just a me problem)
  • The free trial only lasts 30 days

As you can see, at this point I’m really struggling to come up with cons. Scrivener has really won me over. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Scrivener – the Initial Verdict

  1. alberta says:

    I didn’t know that either and I’ve been using the programme for about three years now – is this in the windows version? I much prefer scrivener than word for the ease of moving between chapters and the corkboard which I find useful for a quick overview of how far i have got in the planning execution and editing. I won mine on finishing NaNoWrMo one of the sponse’rs prizes.

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