Getting into the swing of things. Mostly.

For this week, I didn’t set any specific goals within my overall set of ROW80 goals.

These goals were:

  • read a book a fortnight
  • blog about something other than WIPpet/ROW80
  • practice Swedish/French/Spanish/Russian
  • edit Queen of Hearts 
  • write something, anything

Along the way, I’ve added two more goals

  • prepare my character interview post ahead of time
  • submit job applications


How I went:

  • read a book a fortnight – I’ve been reading The Architect’s Apprentice. I’m enjoying it, despite getting off to a rocky start, and I’m on track to have finished it by the end of the week.

  • blog about something other than WIPpet/ ROW80 – I’ve been regularly updating my progress of my 100 Days Challenge. I’m now heading into the fifth week. I blog about my progress on Mondays. I also posted my latest character interview with Kalegos. He is my second last subject for SSHK and I’ll soon be moving on to interviews with the characters from my main WIP. (see below) And I posted a review of my initial thoughts on Scrivener.
  • practice Swedish/Spanish/French/Russian every day – I did miss Thursday this week. Life happened. But I am only 20 sections on Duolingo away from finishing the Swedish ‘tree’.
  • edit Queen of Hearts – “I had hoped to be finished chapters 9 and 10 by the end of this week but alas, I am still working on Chapter 9. I did have to toss everything already in those chapters, restructure and start again, which is why the process is taking longer than I had hoped.” Yep, this week, I’m still on chapter 9. But I also feel that this is the week I’ll get onto chapter 10. Everything in its time.
  • write something, anything – Success! This has mostly been rewriting/redrafting the aforementioned chapters 9 and 10.
  • prep my interview with my next character – I’m pleased to say that I did manage to do this in advance although at the expense of language practice on Thurday. Oops.
  • submit 3 more job applications – only one submitted this week but also only one relevant job going.


Next week, we’ll have the final interview with the folks from Sorcerer Soldier Healer King. I’ll be speaking with the somewhat highly strung Zri 

After that, I’ll be interviewing some of the characters from Queen of Hearts. 

  • Karavere
  • Hrithur (Tiemil)
  • Ailig (Alexandru)
  • Semaera
  • Anjez
  • Eriden
  • maybe even a villain or two 🙂

10 thoughts on “Getting into the swing of things. Mostly.

  1. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on reaching so many of your goals. I am amazed with how much you get up to. I am going to look back in your blog and find your review of Scrivener. I have been wanting it for a while, but haven’t decided yet. I love the names of your characters, very interesting.

    I have never seen the DuoLingo app before. Thank you so much for sharing it. My son wants to learn “All the languages”, but that can get expensive and I wasn’t sure about getting him Rosetta Stone because he’s 8 and might get bored. This is a lifesaver.

    Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    • Amelia E. Browne says:

      Thank you! 🙂 Duolingo is great because a) it’s free, b) you can learn as many languages as you want and c) it works for all levels. Best of luck to your son with all his language adventures! 🙂

  2. alberta says:

    going to tell a friend about the language site, no good for me , have proved over the decades I am useless at language:( she is good may enjoy exercise her aging brain:) left comment on the scrivener blog – I think it’s a great software. you have done well this week – keep smiling:)

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