Nearly half way!

I am now 42 days into my 100 Days of Productivity challenge and, so far, I haven’t dropped the ball once. That is mostly because I designed this challenge to be achievable, to feel like I was achieving something, to motivate me to get out the rut I was stuck in and finally begin to move forward again. And I do feel that it is working. Some days are harder than others but progress is being made. And, very excitingly, Emily Witt has decided to jump on board too! 🙂 Best of luck to Emily with her goals! 🙂

Here’s how I went this week:

  • Finish editing 2nd section of Queen of Hearts

Going really well this week although, the more I edit, the more I realise needs editing and the more ways to improve the telling of certain scenes or ideas pop up.

  • Add 10,000 words to Rebellion Rising (and get a better name for it!)
  • Finish writing Enarenel (approx. 10,000 words)

This will wait until Queen of Hearts edits are finished. Rebellion Rising word goal has been redefined at 10,000 words.

  • Improve my French
  • Expand my Swedish vocabulary & grammar knowledge
  • Get to level 6 on Duolinguo for Spanish

Daily Swedish practice continues. I’ve almost finished the duolingo ‘tree’ and I’ve calculated that if I do four sections a day, I’ll have finished it in 13 days.

  • Finish Swedish Duolingo tree

Progress going well and I’m on track to have finished in 13 days now. 😀

  • Go for walks (because gym membership is expensive)

Went for a couple of walks this week. (Does shopping count too?)

  • Find a job

Submitted some applications but still looking…

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