WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome! 🙂

WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly blog hop, currently hosted by Emily Witt. There is but one rule – the snippet you share must relate in some way to the date. You can join the shenanigans here.

Today, I’m sharing a snippet from Queen of Hearts. It was written in February (the 2nd month) and so I’m sharing it today, the 2nd day of March. 🙂

Kara picked up a chunky, squat volume marked Plants of Kroenja. It was written in Low Haelean, or Common, and charred at the edges, as if it had been snatched from a fire.

I am, of course, continuing my character interview series with the characters from Queen of Hearts. I interviewed Kara last Saturday and now it is once again your turn to help me choose who to interview this Saturday. 🙂

Hrithur (earlier referred to as Tiemil) is Kara’s cousin. The bastard child of a bastard child, he dwells on the periphery of the court.

Ailig (earlier referred to as Alexandru) knows what it is to be a prince without a country. Forced to flee from their homes a generation earlier, Ailig’s people now rely on the generosity of the Fariliens. And now the same threat that drove them from their homes is poised to attack their new sanctuary. Ailig is determined to make sure his people will not have to flee again.

Anjez is a proud man, a prince of Bashraan…and an ex-slave. He seeks to forge new alliances with Fariel in defiance of his father, the king, but can he truly leave the traumas of his slave past behind him?

Eriden knows forty ways to kill a man with her bare hands. Raised in the slums of Bal Briad, she worked her way up from the child of a whore to the prodigy of the Assassin Guildmaster. But helping Kara defeat her enemy may be Eriden’s hardest task yet.

Gwen was raised with her twin sister, Elia, in the house of their merchant father. For as long as Gwen can remember, they have done everything together.  Learnt to fight together. Joined Kara’s Ladies together. But now Elia has chosen to spy in the enemy camp and Gwen must decide where her loyalty lies – with the sister she suspects has turned traitor or with the princess she swore an oath to?

Lorcan Aelysk is a Haelean nobleman. Caught up in his father’s schemes, he is torn away from the one he loves and sent far to the south, to conquer a place called Fariel.



11 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. AM says:

    Probably not a book I would pick up, but it does make me wonder how it got burned.

    Character interviews are so much fun! They all sound interesting, but Eridan had me at “forty ways to kill a man with her bare hands.” 😀

  2. Beth says:

    Kara’s book find is very intriguing. Makes me wonder how it got burned and what’s inside, and how it might affect Kara. Hmm. Re who to interview next? Not sure at all, though I’m drawn to Gwen and her twin as there’s much conflict here. Have a great week!

  3. Emily Witt says:

    But was it actually plucked from a fire? Because now I know why someone would have thrown a botanical book in the fire and my brain is going off on all sorts of wild speculations about poisons and things.

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