That Time Again: WIPpet Wednesday

It’s starting to get quite chilly here and I am still unused to how dark it gets relatively early now that daylight savings has ceased. This week, I started rewriting the second part of Queen of Hearts. 

For those of you who are new to this, WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly meme currently hosted by the talented Emily Witt. The only rule is that the snippet shared must relate in some way to the date.

Today’s excerpt is from Queen of Hearts: Part II. It relates to the date because I wrote it today. Ailig, a commander in Kara’s army, has gone to check on Serya, one of Kara’s warriors.

In the hazy pre-dawn gloom, Ailig made his way back to the parapets ringing the northern city of Bal Edeol.

“Have you seen this?” Serya asked, nodding her head in the direction of the plains beyond the city.

Ailig folded himself into the embrasure closest to him. Light had begun to creep over the horizon. Across the plain stretched endless tents in neat rows, a sea of white cloth as far west as the eye could see. Fires burned low between the rows. Frowning, Ailig looked behind him, to the east. It was dark. The sun hadn’t begun to rise at all, the light came from the countless fires of the Haelean army. Enough fires to light the sky.


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