How Time Flies: Round 2 Week 2

I’d like the say that despite what the colours below might indicate, I am quite pleased with what I achieved this week. Especially as my computer is now at the point of crashing at least once per session. So this was basically me:


Yep, having fun.

Anyway, moving straight along…. These were my goals for the week:

  • Reading Sasha (probably) – I’ve started and I’m a good way through although I haven’t technically finished. I still hope to have read, on average a book a fortnight. (The law of averages is seriously the best thing)
  • Getting chapters 13 & 14 of Queen of Hearts to ‘green’ – This did not happen. While I managed to upgrade a few scenes from red to orange and about six or seven from orange to green, only one of those fell in chapters 13 or 14. Those chapters consist of scenes I added in during my most recent revision/rewrite and I need a little more time to distance myself from them properly. But editing progress is being made and I’m super excited*.
  • Writing the equivalent of 800 words a day to keep on top of my Camp NaNoWriMo goal – I think I’m on track with this. At least according to my old friend, the Law of Averages.
  • Leveling up in Spanish – This goal was optimistic, tbh. I did, however, level up in Russian and I’ve been working on Spanish.
  • Posting a character interview on Saturday – Done! With an introduction to the villain of Queen of Hearts. Well, one of them anyway. 
  • Preparing one post-grad application – …nope.I many have narrowed down my choices though. Maybe.
  • Finishing the scene outline of Queen of Hearts, Part II – I did this! 😀

So next week. Ah, next week, the sweet promise of the future. Here are my goals:

  • Greenify (100% a word) at least 8 more scenes in Queen of Hearts
  • Add 100 points to my Spanish score on Duolingo (much more achievable)
  • Finish reading Sasha and start a new book (The Dream Thieves or Me Before You are high on this list)
  • Writing the equivalent of 800 words a day to keep on top of my Camp NaNoWriMo goal
  • Post a character interview on Saturday (This may be the last one for a little while)
  • Actually prep a post-grad application

As some of may have noticed in my initial ROW80 Round 2 post, one of my goals was to find some beta readers for Queen of Hearts. A few people volunteered to read this for me about two years ago but gods, it was not ready. I am hoping that, by the end of May, it will be.

  • Do you like fantasy which emphasises the historical/political/social end of the spectrum?
  • Have you been enjoying my WIPpet Wednesday snippets or character interviews?
  • Will you have time during June/July to read an 80,000 word manuscript?

If your reaction to any of the above questions was this…


…then you could be a beta reader for Queen of Hearts. Keep an eye out for more info (I’ll be doing a more in depth blog in the next week or so) and send me an email at[at]gmail(etc) and make sure you put ‘Beta’ in the subject ❤

(All gifs from GIPHY)

4 thoughts on “How Time Flies: Round 2 Week 2

  1. Beth Camp says:

    Very helpful update. I too am attempting to ‘greenify’ in every direction! Thanks for the idea of breaking down the revision to include using green on scenes at the chapter level. I work by book section and am currently deep in revision. If you need another beta, sign me up. I do write historical novels and crime stuff, so if it’s not a fit, I understand. But I liked that last snippet with the Prince’s interview. Have a great week!

    • Amelia E. Browne says:

      Good luck with your revision! I always try to break things down to their smallest parts so it’s harder for me to miss things.
      And thank you for your offer, I’ll keep it in mind. As I mentioned, I’ll be posting a more comprehensive summary soon so you can see if it will fit well. Essentially though, the world of ‘Queen of Hearts’ is designed to be plausible in the history of our world so it would be very helpful to have someone who writes history look over it. 🙂

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