Why Do I Talk About Feminism on a Book Blog?

Well worth a read. It may be ‘just fiction’ but the ideas and attitudes in fiction have power to influence society.

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The other day a close friend remarked to me that she’s noticed that I’ve become more outspokenly feminist–the implication was that this is annoying.  Why address the ways in which television shows objectify women woman?  Why talk about how female characters are given or not given agency in stories?  Can’t we just enjoy them?  They’re just entertainment, right?

This interaction was followed by another in which a female friend recommended a reading (not to me personally, but to someone else I know) that would show that, essentially “feminism is bad because it makes women hate men.”  I wanted to pound my head against a wall while yelling “What about wage equality or adequate childcare provisions during employment or the ability to walk down the street safely?”  I knew this would not be a productive response, however, so I refrained.

But here’s the thing.  My feminism may be annoying to some…

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