A day may come when I think of a good WIPpet title…


Me: I’ve be so productive today.

Housemate: You didn’t get up until 10 and you’ve been on twitter ever since.

Me: Yes, but technically, on the 20th April 2016, I’ve been productive. I wrote many words between midnight and 3am.

Housemate: That’s not how it works

Me: Yes. Yes, it is.

I was trawling through my pinterest board when I found this gem.


At the moment, I’m somewhere between ‘This sucks and it’s boring’ and ‘Hey, I can at least finish this sucker in just another 10,000 words’ with Queen of Hearts. Though I think the chart is over simplified at best.

Anyway, onto the main business of today. The WIPpet. Once again, this excerpt relates to the day because I wrote it today (see above conversation). It’s a completely new scene that I thought of and actually managed to start writing on the same day I thought of it. My usual methodology involves writing it down on a scrap of paper and forgetting about it for a few months. This scene will now form the reader’s introduction to Eriden.

Context: Eriden is on her round about way back to the guild house after completing an assignment*.

“Eri!” a voice shouted.

The smile dropped from Eriden’s face and her heart leapt into her throat. Raw animal instinct told her to run but she maintained her pace, keeping her shoulders relaxed while she scanned the street ahead for an exit. There, beyond that theatre, an alley. Perfect. Eriden began to drift to the left, each step a fraction further across than the last.

“Eri!” A woman’s voice. Closer now.

Eriden could see the gaping mouth of the alley ten paces ahead. Slipping the slim blade she kept strapped to her wrist into the palm of her hand, Eriden doubled her pace, the cobbles pressing urgently into the soles of her feet. Eight paces. Six. Four. Two. A hand clasped around her forearm. Eriden swung around, using her momentum to propel her attacker into the alley which dropped sharply away from street level. Eriden slammed her assailant into the wall, using her body to keep them there. Although the blade at their throat was probably enough motivation to stay put.

Breathing heavily, more from fear than exertion, Eriden looked closer at her assailant. An ample woman in her mid-thirties, shorter than Eriden. The woman’s pale skin, light hair and blue eyes marked her for a foreigner. Eriden’s own eyes widened, her jaw falling open. She took a half-step back, stumbling on the uneven ground. The knife, however, she kept firmly pressed to the woman’s pale throat.

“Hello, Eri,” the woman said.

“Lady Eanora…” Ten years, or near enough, had passed since Eriden had lived and worked in the palace as a lady’s maid to the Queen. Ten years since she had last seen the Queen’s sister, Eanora. Ten years since…    Eriden regained her composure, pressing close again. “I thought you were in exile?”

Eanora ignored the question. “Do you want to do this here?” she asked, nodding with her chin at the blade Eriden still held to her throat.

Enough light spilt from the street above to see Eanora clearly. And for any passerby to see Eriden with a blade to the woman’s throat.

*she’s an assassin. We all know what sort of assignment it was.

(All gifs from GIPHY)


10 thoughts on “A day may come when I think of a good WIPpet title…

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    I agree with Fallon. It was the 20th when you wrote. Your housemate simply didn’t have the gumption to be up that early. Or late. Either way, it counts.

    Nice snippet! I like the interplay between them, with Eriden all tense and Eanora more or less unbothered by the situation.

  2. AM says:

    Your housemate isn’t a writer, I take it? LOL. Because writing at that hour totally counts! Also, they need one of these charts for when you’re in edits, including a dot for “I never want to see this thing again.”

    Nice snippet–I sure want to know what happened ten years ago!

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