Its gonna be May


And it is! Where did April disappear to??

Before I get into the meaty part of ROW80, I wanted to remind you that I’ve begun the search for beta readers for my New Adult Historical Fantasy. If this sounds like your thing, you can find out more here. 🙂

Now, onto the main business.

These were my goals for this week:

  • Get 3/4 of Daughter of Kings manuscript to green (and ideally a few scenes to blue) – Definite progress has been made and I’ve now given myself until the end of the month to finish this thing. Nothing like a deadline to put the fire under you.
  • Level up in Spanish on Duolingo – Done 😀
  • Finish The Dream Thieves and begin Me Before You – I’ve almost finished The Dream Thieves. I’m sooo close. But I love it too much to want it to end.
  • Write the equivalent of 800 word to keep on top of my Camp NaNoWriMo count as we head into the final stretch – Done. I managed to hit my goal three days early which is super exciting mostly because now I can afford to buy Scrivener and I don’t have to ration my trail days. Woo!
  • Prep a character interview
  • Prep beta seeking post –  Done and posted 😀 See above for the link or find the post in the side bar –>
  • Prep a post-grad application. Like seriously. Pls. – Two prepped, none submitted.

At this point in the round, I think it’s worth having a look at my overall goals to see how I’m progressing:

  • Finish writing Eriden’s novel(la) – … I had honestly forgotten all about this goal
  • Get every scene in Daughter of Kings to green* – making super good progress so far 😀
  • Level up on Duolingo in Russian, Spanish and Welsh – Done all of these already. Woo!
  • Choose my next move, study wise – I thought I had…but now it changes every week… :/
  • Read a book a fortnight – So far, on average, pretty good 🙂
  • Blog about non-WIPpet/ROW80 things – I’ve been reblogging a lot of interesting posts and my character interviews count as non-WIPpet/ROW80 things.
  • Find some readers for Daughter of Kings – THIS COULD BE YOU! I put up a post outlining the type of story it is and what I’m looking for yesterday so I’m hoping to have some people lined up by the end of the week. Ideally 5-10 but we’ll see what happens. 🙂

For next week, I hope to:

  • Finish The Dream Thieves and move onto Me Before You
  • Actually get to 3/4 ‘green’ (i.e. able to see the light of day) in Daughter of Kings
  • Work on Russian at least three times this week
  • Keep up the momentum I gathered with Camp NaNoWriMo
  • Prep a post about my thoughts of the Camp NaNaWriMo experience
  • Submit a grad application

How have your goals gone this week?

How do you keep yourself motivated?

10 thoughts on “Its gonna be May

  1. Erin Zarro says:

    Awesome progress!

    I am so impressed with you leveling up on all four languages. Go you!

    As for staying motivated – I try to remember why I’m doing this in the first place. And, my stories need to be told. 🙂

  2. ReGi McClain says:

    Wow. You are really rocking the language learning!

    It looks like you’re zooming right along on most of your goals. I never thought to count reblogging as a way to have non-hop posts. What a good idea.

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