ROW80 & Beta Reader Search

If you regularly follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m currently looking for beta readers for my New Adult Fantasy novel. Daughter of Kings is contains adventure, intrigue and romance.

In the palace perched above Bal Briad, assassins stalk the halls and nobles plot the downfall of the king. For Karavere Astyrin, however, there are bigger problems at hand. To the north, an army gathers at the border, readying to sweep south and everything she holds dear.

Daughter of Kings is a colorful portayal of loyalty and betrayal, and the cost of making the right choices.

If you’re interested follow this link.

Alright, now that’s out of the way, onto ROW80:

These were my goals for the week:

  • Finish The Dream Thieves and move onto Me Before You – Dream Thieves is finished but I’ve moved onto the third book in The Raven Cycle rather than Me Before You. 
  • Actually get to 3/4 ‘green’ (i.e. able to see the light of day) in Daughter of Kings – done, thank god. I’ve taken this weekend off from edits to rest my brain of it and also work out how I’m going to gather together the funds to print the thing off so I can read over it in paper form before I finalise the copy I’ll send to my lovely beta readers
  • Work on Russian at least three times this week – done. I even used my Russian at work this week (okay, it was one word but hey, baby steps)
  • Keep up the momentum I gathered with Camp NaNoWriMo – success 🙂
  • Prep a post about my thoughts of the Camp NaNaWriMo experience – done. You can read about my Camp NaNoWriMo experience here
  • Submit a grad application – nope…but maybe tomorrow…

And next week:

  • Make sure all necessary scenes are written in DoK and decide whether or not to cut some
  • Work out at least three times this week
  • Plan out scenes for some of the my others WIPs so that when I’m finished with DoK, I have something to move on with
  • Submit a grad application
  • Submit at least one job application
  • Keep up my writing momentum 🙂
  • Find more betas for Daughter of Kings

2 thoughts on “ROW80 & Beta Reader Search

  1. Erin Zarro says:

    Nice work! I tried to learn Russian, but I found it to be so difficult, so I give you lots of credit for doing that!

    You will enjoy Blue Lily, Lily Blue. 🙂 I just finished the final novel, The Raven King, and it’s AMAZING.

    Good luck with your goals this week!

    • Amelia E. Browne says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m really enjoying the book so far. It’s the first series in a long time that has managed to consistently surprise me.
      As for Russian, I struggle with it so much more than the other languages I do but I love the sounds and the rhythm of it so I persevere 🙂

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