Here Goes

We’re keeping it short today because I’ve a lot of editing to do. My work (actual work, that pays and everything) schedule has seriously amped up and I can count the days I’m not working between now and the 6th of June on one hand. I don’t even need the thumb.

WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful Emily Witt. She’s just published her book and is generally just awesome. Check her out. 🙂

Excerpt from Daughter of Kings, page 90 (18 x 5).

Leaning against the knotted trunk of the willow, Kara stifled a laugh. She looked down at Anjez, who was seated among the roots. The dappled sunlight wove shifting patterns on his closely cropped hair.

Still looking for more beta readers – if you’re interested, follow this link.


7 thoughts on “Here Goes

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    Oh, man, heavy work schedule! Beloved has pulled a few of those really long stints. They stink. Wishing you strong coffee (or tea, if you prefer) and good sleep.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself staring not at a person, but at light play that happens to be dancing over them. *facepalm* The shifting light always catches my eye.

      • ReGi McClain says:

        Yes. Completely. And embarrassingly. I was at a beach bonfire way back when I was single, and this enormously muscled dude was sitting near the fire, and he had this gorgeous lightplay going on right across his thigh. He thought I was ogling him. 😛 I really wasn’t. Nothing about him appealed to me at all, personality or looks.

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