It Has Already Begun…

It’s Wednesday, and I’ve already made a post today. I did mean to schedule it for later in the week, but I pressed publish instead of schedule. Oops.

I now have less than two weeks to finish editing Daughter of Kings. I’m freaking out. My initial read through took longer than I’d anticipated and I’m running a little short on time so forgive me if this post is a bit short.

WIPpet snippet:

Context – the very first line of Daughter of Kings

Related to the date – I fine-tuned this scene this morning

Night cloaked the sprawling temple complex which perched bird-like on the rocky mountainside as Farenel, High Priest of the Raheni and former Prince of Fariel, made his rounds.

Want to read on? You can! I’m sending my manuscript out to beta readers on June 6th. If you’re interested, see this post or shoot me an email ([at] for more info 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the other WIPpeteers! 🙂


10 thoughts on “It Has Already Begun…

  1. Eden says:

    Good first line except one teeny-tiny thing (and it could just be the way this font made it show up on the page)… Farenel and Fariel look and sound pretty similar. It could make it hard for a reader to focus on your main character’s name.

    I would love to beta, but not with June coming up. June is one of my cray-cray months, and since I deny my family most any real involvement for June, July is kind of out too… that is for them.

  2. AM says:

    Ah, Eden beat me to it! I was also a bit thrown by the names there.

    I really like the image of the temple complex “perched like a bird.”

  3. K. L. Schwengel says:

    I’m joining the name bandwagon. 😉 I remember getting dinged for that once, when two of my characters had similar sounding names. *I* had no problem differentiating, but then, I knew them inside-out.

    One suggestion, if I may. Take it or leave it. Making two sentences out of that might give it more punch as an opening.

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