Describe your day in 3 words

If I had to describe my day (or week, really) in three words they’d be: hectic, draining, and cold. (As I side note, I highly do not recommend moving into a high ceilinged house with neither insulation nor heating. It is really not conducive to any sort of productivity).

I missed Sunday’s ROW80 checkin which means I’ve had ten days to do everything on my list so I should have karate-kicked them all into submission, right?

Let’s see:

  • Finish initial read through of Daughter of Kings – I have done this
  • Get about 3/4 way through close read of Daughter of Kings – I’m just over halfway now and obviously, I’d like to be further along seeing as I’m due to send out the edited manuscript to my betas in five days. Eek.
  • Find more jobs to apply for – done but haven’r actually applied for any
  • Choose a TEFL course to enroll in – Done and when I have a spare moment, I’ll submit my application 😀

Okay, so I haven’t done to badly. Good. I think I’ll leave goals for this week though…


Right, WIPpet Wednesday, gah. Ok. I’m gonna open to a random page of Daughter of Kings (a serious benefit of having a print copy for editing purposes)….

Ooh, ok, here it is:

Piren’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Do not threaten me, girl,” he said, his voice as cold as ice. “You do not understand the price of war. If you did, you wouldn’t be so eager for it.”

How would you describe your day/week in three words?


12 thoughts on “Describe your day in 3 words

  1. Eden says:

    My day in 3 words… It’s good you asked today, because today is very upbeat: perfect late-spring weather

    Monday would have been a very different story

    No one, I suspect, even soldiers who’ve been in combat, know the true price of war until they are directly affected, either by wounding or the loss of a friend/companions… or being the one who has killed. Each one has a different price. The tally… can be astronomical.

  2. ReGi McClain says:

    That line is brilliant!

    So much sympathy for being cold. 😦 Our home is always the first in the neighborhood to have all the snow melted off the roof because I will pour oodles of money into keeping 21C + during the winter. My grandmother told me to buy silk underthings. I don’t know if that might ever be in your budget (it’s not been in mine yet, but our heating prices just went up again, so I may have to suck it up and do the one time investment to save the monthly cost this fall), but silk is supposed to be really good at insulating without being bulky or constricting.

    Hmmm… my day thus far in 3 words: husband, laundry, money.

    • Amelia E. Browne says:

      Haha the cost of heating is the main problem – I’m living in a student share house at the moment so we can’t really afford stupendous heating bills. Oh well, summer is only a few months away *fingers crossed*

  3. Emily Witt says:

    Ergh, your place sounds like the last place one of my friends lived in. Whatever they tried, it just wouldn’t warm up.

    Love this snippet – really powerful! And looking forward to getting the first part of the manuscript in a few days!

  4. shanjeniah says:

    I love the wisdom of the line, and the unspoken threat in the delivery.

    My day? Birdsong, peace, wording.

    I hope things warm up soon, silk underthings or no.

  5. bluebethley says:

    I’ve always wanted to live in a big old Victorian house with those high ceilings and maybe a gargoyle hidden somewhere near the roof line. Your comment suggests winter would be far too drafty, so I’ll settle for our third floor walk-up apartment. Here, heat rises from the folks below in the winter, so we stay pretty cozy. My three words: Overworked, groggy, deadlines. But DH is better, so I just don’t care. I like Piren’s directness in the snippet, though I’m not sure we ever understand or accept the true ‘price of war’.

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