A Slow Start

So week 1 of ROW80 Round 3, has gone quite slowly but I had the opportunity to go home and visit my family and friends for the first time in months and I 100% will always put that ahead of writing. I may or may not one day be a successful author but I’d rather be unsuccessful and still have my family and friends than wildly successful and alone. Besides, I have time to catch up. 🙂

  • Practice Duolingo everyday
  • Listen to music/watch a show in one of my target languages twice a week
  • Write 500 words every week day (2500 a week)
  • Read a book a fortnight
  • Keep on top of my CELTA coursework
  • Visit three new blogs a week
  • Post a #bookstagram post on instagram at least once a week
  • Publish one non-blog-hop post a week

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