Row80 Update

  • Practice Duolingo everyday – excepting Tuesday, yes
  • Listen to music/watch a show in one of my target languages twice a week
  • Write 500 words every week day (2500 a week) – Nope. I wrote maybe a 100th of that, I think…
  • Read a book a fortnight – I finished My Brilliant Friend and even wrote a review of it 🙂
  • Keep on top of my CELTA coursework – so far, so good 🙂
  • Visit three new blogs a week – I’m sorry, guys, this hasn’t happened yet. I’m open to recommendations.
  • Post a #bookstagram post on instagram at least once a week – done
  • Publish one non-blog-hop post a week – see book review link above. Woo! 😀

So although there’s still some red, especially on the larger goals, I’m starting to find my stride.

Are you hitting your ROW80 stride?

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