NaNoWriMo -Day 12 *25,000*

So it’s day 12 of NaNoWriMo (the end of in my time zone), and my momentum has really slowed since my last update. I managed to hit my targets on 5th – 8th but the news which came out of America on the 9th threw me a lot more than I was expecting. I also had an event that night so although I got some words in before work, I finished the day well under target. I’ve been feeling the knock-on effects of that since.

Luckily, due to my great first day, I managed to hit the half-way mark this evening. I’m super pleased to still be a few days ahead and what is honestly motivating me the most is the thought that the sooner I hit the 50,000, the sooner NaNo can be over.

Today, I also reached the end of my outline so from here on out, I’m back in solid pantser territory so that’s likely to keep my word count low for the next couple of days until I get the next part of the plot sorted out in my head.

How are you going with NaNo? Are you loving it or over it?

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