~ Manuscript Monday ~


While I was procrastinating on Youtube on Saturday afternoon instead of working on my rewrites for Queen of Hearts, I came across a newish segment where authors talk about their manuscript – what it’s about, where they’re at.

I think it’s such a good idea! I love hearing about other writers’ works in progress and processes.

I figured that until I build up the courage to put my face on camera, I could give you guys a taste of Manuscript Monday blog style.

What I’m working on right now…

Queen of Hearts

I’m finalising the first round of edits for Queen of Hearts, which is the second part/not-quire sequel to Daughter of Kings. I realised about half way into these edits that there are some major parts of DoK which need reworking and that the original 26,000 or so words I had for QoH won’t stretch to 80,000 without undermining the quality and pacing of the overall story.

So what’s next?

I have about twenty more scenes to rewrite/edit, then I’m going to go back to the very beginning and outline the entire story (everything in both DoK and QoH). At that stage though, apart from a few new scenes from a new POV character, most of it is polished enough that it shouldn’t take too much further work to finish it off.

I hope, hope, hope to have a solid, structured draft by June. Perhaps this year will even be the year I finish this monster! Time will tell!

I’d love to hear about your manuscript! Tell me in the comments or link me in a blog post. Happy writing!


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