WIPpet Wednesday – 01.03.2017

wippet-wednesday-headerWelcome once again to WIPpet Wednesday, hosted by the lovely Emily Witt.

It’s already the first of March. Where did the summer go? Although, it seems no one has informed the weather that we’re now scheduled for autumn. It’s been over 35 degrees (Celsius – that’s 95 Fahrenheit!!) for days and shows no signs of letting up for at least the next seven days.

This, I do not like.

Onto the WIPpet:

This is from the first scene in my current batch or rewrites/edits (though it is far from perfect), which is how it relates to the date 🙂

Context: Something very important is about to happen, something which requires every ally and cunning mind Kara has at her disposal, but the gods/fate/the author has different plans. 😛

Rounding the corner, Kara almost collided with Anjez. His short hair was slicked back as if he’d been running his hands through it and red rimmed his hollow, restless eyes.

“What is it?” Kara demanded, placing her hands on his chest. Beneath her fingers, his heart drummed a rapid beat.

Anjez swallowed, running a hand through his hair again, and, sighing, tilting towards her. “I must return to Inbaas,” he said, voice as rough as sandpaper.

A hole opened up in Kara’s chest – and in her plans. “Now?”

He nodded.

“What about the plan?” she hissed.

“I’ve spoken with Markey,” Anjez replied. “He’ll help you.”

Kara studied his gaunt face. “Your father?” she guessed.

Anjez nodded, pressing his eyelids closed.

“Is he ill?”

A hesitation, then the slightest shake of the head. “No. No longer.”

I love to hear your opinions and feedback, so let me know in the comment section below. 🙂


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