WIPpet Wednesday – 03.05.17

Today’s WIPpet Wednesday is a snippet from Arrowsong which I wrote today (hence why it relates to the date :P)

Context: the meeting of two characters. Those of you who’ve read previous drafts may recognise the second character….

A knock at the door startled Anjez back to reality. He blinked, swinging his legs over the parapet and landing lightly back on the terrace.
‘Who is it?’
The door opened and Movez poked his head out. ‘You have a visitor.’
His eyebrows gathered together. ‘A visitor?’
Movez shrugged. ‘A lady. Northern, perhaps. If she has a name, I wasn’t privy to it.’
Anjez poked at the smoldering logs. ‘Bring her to me. And fetch some more wood.’
Movez returned a moment later with a young woman in tow. She wore a dark red skirt of fine wool and a matching fitted jacket. A sash, the colour of pale blue-green seaglass, peeked out from beneath the jacket, tied over the left hip, and she wore a matching covering over her pale hair. The door clicked shut behind Movez, leaving Anjez and the woman alone on the rooftop.


8 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday – 03.05.17

  1. Emily Witt says:

    I like how at least half of us have said “It’s related to the date because I wrote it today.” 😛

    Intriguing snippet. Is this someone Anjez knows or a stranger? (Also I love the description of her outfit)

    • Ríona O'Inabha says:

      Haha it’s a tried and true method 😛 I’m glad you liked the description. I’m always kinda cautious not to spend too much time descibing clothes but it seemed to fit in this scene. And in answer to your question, at first I was gonna be like it’s someone he knows. But, at this stage in the story, it’s not. It feels weird to think of these characters as strangers though…

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