WIPpet Wednesday & Update

This week’s been kinda hectic. But then, what week isn’t. Luckily, I’ve been able to set aside time to write. I’m trying to do around 5,000 words of rewrites a week at the moment, and hope to increase that once the semester finishes. I’d love to have Arrowsong done by the end of July or August at the latest. I love it, and I love the new shape it’s taking, but I’m ready to move on.

As Arrowsong is really my focus at the moment, today’s WIPpet is from that work. It’s related to today’s date because (and this is becoming a pattern) I wrote it today. It’s literally only existed for the last maybe twelve hours so please forgive me if it’s a little rough around the edges. 🙂

A bit of a longer one today, because mine are usually so short. Context: Sick of being cooped up in the castle after a recent illness, Kara chooses the night of the Isufen festival to let her hair down a bit. 😉

Kara slipped from the dimness of the doorway into the courtyard, slipping the simple, blue-grey mask over her face just before the torchlight banished the shadows from her face. Across the courtyard, a group of young women and men headed for the gate which opened out into the city. Spotting a familiar face, she hurried to catch up, fixing herself to the back of the group and slowly wending her way to her friend’s side.
‘Kolai, Laena,’ Kara whispered in her ear, swallowing a smile as Laena jumped, letting out a strangled squeal.
Kara pressed a finger to her lips, eyes wide with warning. For one night, she wanted to forget her engagement and the looming threat of war.
A boy turned to look back at the commotion. His gaze landed on Kara, looking her up and down from masked face to flowing blue skirts to worn boots, and back again. ‘Who’s your friend, Laena?’ he asked, his gaze never leaving Kara.
Laena cleared her throat, sending a desperate look to Kara. ‘Um…Karri. She works in the…’
‘City,’ Kara finished quickly.
‘Hmm.’ The boy turned his back on them, losing interest.
‘Karri?’ Kara hissed in Laena’s ear. ‘That’s not even a name!’
‘Apologies, your highness,’ Laena replied, her tone mocking. ‘Give me some warning next time and I’ll craft you a better lie.’
Kara laughed and rolled her eyes. ‘I doubt it.’

8 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday & Update

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I love this! From the color Kara’s wearing to the worn boots to the non-name, to the boy’s realistic response, to the banter between these two friends….perfection! =)

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