May Wrap Up & WIPpet Wed 31.05.17

May draws to a close and here, in the south, winter closes in with bitter, icy fingers. If you are of the opinion that Australia is a constantly sunny, warm place I’m afraid I have to shatter your illusions. While it doesn’t get as cold as some parts of the world, people here are idiots and so the houses are poorly insulated an unsuited to temperatures outside the range of about 18C-25C.

Anyway, enough of my moaning. It’s time to goal check!

Outline WIP Part 2

Nope. I’ve already written so many drafts and this part isn’t anything I’m really changing structure wise. But I’m sure it’ll come back to bite me big time. *sigh* Maybe next month?

Edit down blog archives

Done! 🙂

Blog minimum 1x per week

Done! 🙂

Participate in 3x #1linewed

Yes, if I get something up today. But kinda cutting it a bit fine…

Read 2 books

For once (once!) I not only met but exceeded my reading goals for the month. I finished And I Darken, read Rebel in the Sands and Sparks Fly, and I’m on track to finish Snow like Ashes on the train home tonight. Woo!

Add 15,000 words to WIP

This will happen by midnight tonight, I promise you. But it’ll be close. I’m mired down in essays at the moment so a lot my writing time has been redirected into more academic pursuits. 😦

For those of you playing along at home that’s 5/6 goals for the month. Which means I can be a bit slack until at least September, right? Right?

Anyway, onto the WIPpet. It’s honestly gotten to the stage that I’m surprised when I remember the excerpt has to relate to the day in some way. So today’s excerpt relates because I chose it today, and because I’d rather be at a fire festival than at work. (largely unedited, for which you have my apologies)


ContextA masquerade fire festival beyond the city walls turns out to be a great place to conspire.

She twisted around and saw what Ailig had seen – the captain of the Moonsea coming through the crowd towards them.
‘Tanim,’ Ailig said. ‘Fetch us a drink.’
With a nod, Tanim faded into the crowd. It seemed Ailig only trusted his friend so far.
Anjez wore the same green coat he’d been wearing when Kara first met him and his shoulder length hair was slicked back. A plain black mask covered his face. An afterthought, Kara guessed, recognising the mask from one of the stalls she and Laena had browsed earlier.
‘Captain,’ she said, her voice icy.
Anjez bowed. ‘Lady.’
Kara shifted, noticing the stares of nearby revelers fix on their strange group. Kara’s disguise wouldn’t bear much scrutiny, especially in such company. ‘Please, there’s no need for formalities. Captain, may I introduce my good friend, Ailig.’
Anjez reached out to clasp Ailig’s forearm. ‘Ey mehey.
Ailig’s eyebrows rose. ‘You speak Tir Sabhilin?’
‘A little,’ Anjez conceded.
‘So, Captain,’ Kara interrupted. ‘What brings you here?’
‘The embassy is a small place if you spend long enough there. I wanted to see the city.’ He gestured to his mask. ‘Tonight seemed like a good chance.’ He looked around at the masked crowd. ‘What are we celebrating anyway?’
‘The queen?’
Kara nodded. ‘When her husband died and the Haeleans first invaded, she marched the Farilien army into Haelea and demanded a treaty. In exchange for peace, two of her daughters would marry into Haelea, hence the two bonfires, but at the last moment, she swapped her daughters with two-’
Ailig flung his arm around Kara’s shoulders, cutting short Kara’s lesson. ‘It’s just a good excuse for celebration, my friend. You two have more important things to discuss than history.’ He scanned the crowd. ‘I wonder where Tanim is,’ he said and slipped back  into the throng.
Kara folded an arm across her chest, tucking her hand against her side as she studied her dirtied hem. ‘So why are you really here?’ she asked Anjez when they were alone in the crowd.
‘I thought about what you said-’
She lifted her gaze. ‘And?’
‘I’m willing to talk.’

7 thoughts on “May Wrap Up & WIPpet Wed 31.05.17

  1. Emily Witt says:

    With two what?! Is it something scandalous? Or did Ailig just want them to get to the point? Haha.

    I enjoy clandestine meetings like this. I would also much rather be at a fire festival than writing an essay, even if I do find the topic interesting.

    • Ríona O'Inabha says:

      Haha I love your response! When I was cleaning this scene up a bit, it had the answer to your question but there’s so much more potential when the answer’s out of reach 😛 Also, a fire festival would be warm, a concept Melb has completely done away with…

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