#readwriterepeat August Book Tag

Calling all bookstagrammers, bloggers, and general bookish folk!

This August I’m running a booktag on Insta so come take part. 🙂

My decision to host a booktag was motivated by two things:

  1. While there are a huge number of book tags to take part in each month, there aren’t many tags for writers and authors to challenge their visual creativity in the same way.
  2. It’s winter here in Aus and that makes it hard to participate in the summer themed challenges.

00 Book Tag Fancy.png

A bit of a breakdown for the more ambiguous prompts:

1. Goals Writing goals, reading goals, goalie goals. All goals welcome.
2. Tbr 
3. Most anticipated release 
4. I write… Tell us your genre/s 🙂
5. Blue and white 
6. Book friends Friends in books/Characters you want to be friends with/Friends you made through reading/writing. Or all of the above 😛
7. Day job Like Batman, most writers have secret identities which involve the realities of a day job. What’s yours? Do you love it or loath it?
8. Winter reads 
9. Book lover’s day
10. Lazy day
11. Goal check
12. South of the equator Maybe it’s a book set in the southern hemisphere, or something you read south of the equator, or maybe even just a holiday snap from Machu Picchu
13. Sock Sunday
14. Plot or pants
15. Book tower 
16. Met the author 
17. Pale books
18. Worst writing advice
19. Snow and frost 
20. Flat lay
21. Goal check
22. Signed books
23. Favourite character From something you’ve read or something you’ve written
24. Crossover What two worlds/characters etc. would you love to see team up? Could be from books or your own works or even a mix of the two. 🙂
25. First novel aesthetics First novels are always messy and broken things but we love them all the same. (Would be fun to compare with current WIP aesthetics too if you’re feeling super creative)
26. Heartwarmer 
27. Candlelight 
28. Dream villain cast
29. Upside down A book from another genre. A character who’s nothing like you. A story that turned your world on its head. Anything that’s as back-to-front as water draining counter clockwise (But for the record, that’s normal).
30. Endings
31. Wrap up

I’m so keen for August (and the end of winter!) so let me know if you’re participating and don’t forget to tag me! 

RĂ­ona xx

6 thoughts on “#readwriterepeat August Book Tag

  1. Emily Wrayburn says:

    Yay, I’m totally doing this one! I think the combo of reading/writing will actually help me stick with it, since I won’t have to do a fancy book post every time. 😛 I’ll start thinking about it now so I can hopefully plan a bit in advance.

    • RĂ­ona O'Inabha says:

      Haha that’s kinda also why I mxed it up with both. I simply don’t have enough pretty books my current place to do months on months of book only book tags 😛 Looking forward to your posts 😊

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