2018 Book Challenge Update: Part 1

Hi guys!

At the start of the year I set my reading goal to 30 books, 5 more than last year’s goal and 3 more than I actually managed to read last year. I thought it was about time I shared some of what I’ve read.

A Long Way to a Small Angry Plant | Becky Chambers — 4.5

I devoured this book on my commute to and from work and even as I write this eight months later, the vivid, heart-breaking, relatable complexity of the wide cast of characters sticks with me.

A Conjuring of Light | V.E. Schwab — 5✨

This book broke my heart in the best of ways. I finished it literally on the way to the airport to move to the U.K., foresaking the last prescious moments with my family to get this book read.

Book of Joan | Lidia Yukanavitch — 2✨

This book was beautiful and it’s stunning cover conned by jet-lagged, consumerist brain into buying it. Unfortunately, despite the beautiful cover and brilliant premise of futuristic Joan of Arc, I really disliked this book. There was too much focus on body horror for me, and the whole story felt quite disjointed. Yukanavitch raised some interesting issues in the book and I wouldn’t recommend you not to read it because I did enjoy some of the thematic elements however overall it just wasn’t for me.

Women & Power: A Manifesto | Mary Beard — 5✨

I devour anything Ancient World related and this bind up of two essays by renowned classicist Mary Beard was no exception. Certainly worth a read even if you have no previous knowledge of classics—her conclusions need only the context of the modern world to make solid sense.

This Savage Song | Victoria Schwab — 3.5✨

While I really enjoyed Augustus’ character and recognised the essence of Schwab’s style, I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Shades of Magic Series or Vicious-Vengeful. Perhaps this was because this is the first of her YA titles I’ve read. Still a solid and enjoyable book.

These are my first five books of 2018. Have you read any of them? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts below xx

One thought on “2018 Book Challenge Update: Part 1

  1. Ruby Rumsey says:

    I’m absolutely determined to read at least one Victoria/V.E. Schwab book so I’ve bought A Darker Shade of Magic and City of Ghosts…but for some reason I’m still not picking them up. This is turning into a Six of Crows situation 🙈

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