The Come Back — WIPpet Wednesday

Hello friends!

It has been a minute and a half* since I posted a WIPpet Wednesday excerpt but I loved this community so much when I used to take part so I thought it was high time to jump back on the bandwagon. (And a huge thanks to Emily for encouraging me to come back to this x)

*Years. It’s been years…

As always, the excerpt is supposed to in some way relate to the date so here’s the first 30 words of my latest WIP.

The king was dying, far too slowly for Radana’s liking. She paced the length of the common room she shared with her sisters, her slippered feet gliding on the turns.

I can’t wait to come and read all of your posts too xx

If you’d like to join, the link is here

7 thoughts on “The Come Back — WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Emily Wrayburn says:

    Welcome back! I really like the description of the slippers gliding on the turn. Now we need to know who Radana is. Princess? Advisor? Something else?

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