WIPpet Wednesday

Hello! I’m poking my head up from the mire of revisions to check in with the WIPpet Wednesday mob.

I’m loving what I’m writing at the moment and, even though there’s a ways to go with it, I feel ready to share a little bit of it with you. Here’s the first 6(ish) lines from my WIP, a fantasy about sisterhood, faith and what makes a villain.

The king was dying. Radana had known his time was near when she found a dead mouse in her chambers three days earlier, claw marks raking across its glassy eyes. That morning, she had woken to find a cat sitting atop the rose emblem of the monarchs of Vochenja worked into the marble floor of her chamber. And yet, her father lingered, clinging stubbornly to life, denying Radana her goddess given fate.

She paced the length of the common room she shared with her sisters, her slippered feet gliding through the turns. Her green skirts swirled around her legs, a welcome breeze in the close air. A stiff summer wind snapped at the linen curtains, burnishing the ebony furniture in a fine coating of red dust and tugging uncomfortably at Radana’s robe. Even the desert, it seemed, was restless.

Where are you at with your WIPs at the moment?

Love to hear from you xx

8 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Emily Wrayburn says:

    Hello! Nice to see you back with us again! This is not my proper WIPpet comment but just in case you didn’t see the post, we have a temporary link up here this week. I should have a new, weekly linky for us by next week.

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