Welcome to the Year of the Salmon

In Celtic mythology, the salmon is associated with wisdom. It was believed that by eating salmon, you could gain wisdom and even the ability to see the future. Now, I’m all for omega-3s and enough smarts to keep my head firmly attached to my neck but I like a little mystery around my future. If … Continue reading Welcome to the Year of the Salmon

NaNoWriMo Wrap-up

Another November, and another NaNoWriMo, is done and dusted. This was my fifth attempt and the first one I've actually "won" and even that claim is debatable by the purists. Since my first NaNo, attitudes have changed — there's a lot less negativity towards those who personalise the challenge, or engage in it in a … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Wrap-up

The End is Nigh

So today I had my last undergraduate lecture ever and most likely my last Ancient History and last Linguistics lecture ever. So sad. I've decided that if I do more study, it will be in a different discipline but I am going to miss these subjects so much. The last three years have flown by … Continue reading The End is Nigh

Strangely Addicted To Editing

A glimpse at a point still far down the road for me.

Lynette Noni


So, I’ve just sent my first round of revisions off to my new publishers (I love saying those last three words!). It was really fascinating to go through my manuscript and make the changes they requested because as I made the revisions, other thoughts came to mind. Things like, if my MC is in another world, why has she never questioned how they can all speak the same language? Just stuff like that. It was really cool to sort of look at it all and see gaps that needed to be filled. And as weird as it sounds, I seriously love editing. Before this incredible book deal happened, I was actually looking into doing a post-grad degree in editing and publishing. It’s still something I’d like to keep in mind for the future because, like I said, I really enjoy editing. (Don’t look at me like that – it’s true!)

Anyway, the first…

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