The Beauty of Success

This week, I have made some serious progress on my ROW80 goals and I am quite pleased. Even though I didn't finish all of them, I've managed to lever myself out of the rut that I've been in re: reading and writing and editing and life. My goals for ROW80 are: read a book a fortnight blog … Continue reading The Beauty of Success

World-Building for Writers: Creating a world readers will love

A really good check-list for world-building. 🙂

Denise D. Young

There’s nothing more exciting—and, often times, overwhelming—than creating a fictional world and populating it with an interesting collection of characters, each with their own agenda. A fully realized, richly detailed fictional world can capture readers’ hearts, minds, and imaginations. The world is full of readers who would eagerly receive their letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who’d gladly take a stroll through the Shire, who wouldn’t mind flying off to Neverland or entering a world where dragons soar or werewolves roam.

So where do we begin? Here are a few of the exercises I use to get my stories off the ground. (Many thanks to Michelle, whose comment on a previous post inspired this one.) Discovering and creating a fantasy world takes patience and time—with each draft, with each exercise, we dig a little deeper, all in the hopes that readers will one day be…

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