The Anrish Chronicles

Book 1: Enarenal

He promised her a family but can the end justify the means?

Eriden is used to commission killings, she’s an assassin after all, but the prize for this job is not the usual pay. For death, a life. But is it worth the risk?


This began as my NaNo project in 2013. Half-completed draft.


Book 2: Arrowsong

Sometimes we must make a choice between what is right and what must be done.

Kara’s world is crumbling. Her brother is murdered, her home threatened by invaders, her father incapable of action and all around her, the lies and plots of those willing to take the throne at any cost threaten her very existence.


My first work and first love. Currently undergoing rewrites. Nearing perfection. 😉


Book 3: Rebellion Rising

All he ever wanted was the quiet life. But then Fate intervened.

All his life, Tasyn has been running from his past. But when he is forced to confront it, he must choose between his duty to his past or the promise of a future.


Currently half complete.

7 thoughts on “The Anrish Chronicles

  1. Josh :) says:

    Sounds great!!! You should get yourself published…
    I know how hard it is to put your self out there , and to do what your doing , writing to total strangers- is very brave. i am still hiding 🙂

    • Ink and Papyrus says:

      Stop hiding! Get yourself a blog, an audience, a platform. The best way to improve your writing is to write. It doens’t matter who reads it or how many people, so long as you are writing. 🙂

  2. Lara McGill says:

    Agreed. I’m between semesters at the college where I’m a Math Lab instructor. My goal is to get my blog to the point where I can have other pages and things so readers can explore (somewhat) the different universes and alternate realities that I’m currently intimately involved with. (I hope WordPress has a great help function…!)

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