Five Things I’ve Learnt About Social Media

The year is steadily marching on. I cannot believe it's already May! This post almost fell by the wayside due to a little thing called Eurovision! 😀 Today's post is about that thing we all either love or hate. Or both. 😛 Social media. Its' controversial and at sometimes confusing and most of all ,there is a lot … Continue reading Five Things I’ve Learnt About Social Media

WIPpet and Beta Reader Call Out

Hello once again, my lovelies. For those of you who saw my post on Monday (Five Things I've Learnt About Keeping it Together), you'll know I'm beginning to look for better readers. As I've been editing, I've found that there are some sections which I simply cannot be objective enough about to edit properly or I cannot see … Continue reading WIPpet and Beta Reader Call Out

The Ticking Clock

Hosted by the lovely and prolific K.L. Schwengel, to who we are all eternally in debt, WIPpet Wednesday seems to be in full force. Unlike my assignments... Anyway, welcome. As I mentioned in my last post, I have decided on a new blogging format. Yes, I know, I've done so before with varying levels of … Continue reading The Ticking Clock