So soon…to doom!

Okay, that was maybe a little to melodramatic but hey, creative license and all that, right? In three days another round of NaNoWriMo begins and as usual, I've left my prep to the last minute because "I work well under pressure"* but I have finally decided what I'm going to do. Instead of choosing just … Continue reading So soon…to doom!

“Instinct is everything.” – The Pagan Lord Review

Author: Bernard Cornwell Genre: Historical fiction Rating: 3/5 The Pagan Lord tells the tale of Uhtred, a renowned Saxon warrior, at a turning point of British history when the Danes and Saxons battle for control of the country itself while Christianity battles with the Old Norse Gods for supremacy in the hearts of men. I initially picked it … Continue reading “Instinct is everything.” – The Pagan Lord Review