“Instinct is everything.” – The Pagan Lord Review

Author: Bernard Cornwell Genre: Historical fiction Rating: 3/5 The Pagan Lord tells the tale of Uhtred, a renowned Saxon warrior, at a turning point of British history when the Danes and Saxons battle for control of the country itself while Christianity battles with the Old Norse Gods for supremacy in the hearts of men. I initially picked it … Continue reading “Instinct is everything.” – The Pagan Lord Review

WIPpet NaNoWriMo Style

So today is Wednesday but it also happens to be the first Wednesday of National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. Indeed, we participants are (depending on your time zone) 6 days in or so nearly six days that it makes no difference and we are expected to hit 10,000 words today so in the spirit … Continue reading WIPpet NaNoWriMo Style