An Open Letter to Writers of Any Creed: November Updates

Weekend's greetings, friends, Today is Sunday and so it's time for another ROW80 update but I thought I'd do something a little different today. Rather than a list of subheadings with a few notes underneath, I'll give you a more in depth update on everything. Yep, that's right, get excited. 😛 So it's over half … Continue reading An Open Letter to Writers of Any Creed: November Updates

Time is of the Essence

This is my motto at the moment. November is always a super busy month, I think for most people. Wednesday has come around without warning AGAIN which is perhaps not unusual considering there are only seven days to choose from. Anyway. Wednesday's require me to talk about two exciting things, ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday. I … Continue reading Time is of the Essence


Yay! It's Wednesday again. And yet again I am writing this post too late for sanity. I'll try to keep it level but no promises. As usual, we'll start with a ROW80 update and then move onto the WIPpet (this gives me a chance to work out what I'm going to share with you). Edit Queen … Continue reading Cake*