The Notebook, NaNo Edition, Part the Second.

Sorry, this is a bit late (at least by my standards). I've been so overwhelmed lately with NaNoWriMo and studying for exams. For those of you who were wondering, my current word count stands at about 13,700 and I hope to get to at least 15,000 by tonight. 16,000 would be better so I can … Continue reading The Notebook, NaNo Edition, Part the Second.

Hello Fellow WIPpeteers

At this stage of the game, I would predict that those of you participating in NaNo are either freaking out, scrawling those few last plans and getting as much sleep as they can before the real work begins. To read about my own NaNoWriMo preparation check back tomorrow but for now it is WIPpet time. … Continue reading Hello Fellow WIPpeteers


WIPpetology: the scientific study of the WIPpet in its natural environment. It should be a thing. We can make it a thing. But I can't right now because I've expended my daily allotment of genius of coming up with the word 'WIPpetology'. So yeah, onto the main event. I'm being super nice today and giving … Continue reading WIPpetology

Wet Wednesday

It is again Wednesday. *sigh* I considered not posting today. It's winter in my part of the world and a cold, wet disgusting winter at that. After spending all day at uni in the rain and with amount of required readings building up around me at an alarming rate, I felt I couldn't be bothered. … Continue reading Wet Wednesday