Once Again Wednesday

So, it would appear to be Wednesday again. I'm not entirely sure how as it doesn't feel like a week since last Wednesday. Oh well. It is time for Wednesday WIPpet, which is open to everyone to play along. There's a linky thing somewhere but I am not anywhere near talented enough with computers to … Continue reading Once Again Wednesday

Knowing when it’s time to move on.

In just over a week, I'll be moving cities and while I may comeback to my home town to visit, I hope never to live here again. Which brings me to the topic of endings; the first draft of my WIP is so close to completion that its not even funny. Another few scenes, another ten … Continue reading Knowing when it’s time to move on.


So the time has come once again when I throw myself at your mercy and beg you for ideas. Like in my earlier post, which you responded to amazingly well, I have stuck my characters in a situation where they are expecting me to come up with some brilliant plan to get them out of … Continue reading Help!!!


Progress on my main WIP is slow. Okay, it's nonexistent. However, in the last four days alone I have written over 8000 words. Not bad considering my usual word count for a week is barely 5000 words. Of course, word counts aren't everything. In fact, they're pretty much redundant in the first and second drafts and … Continue reading Update