The Pirate Code: Sometimes Guidelines Are Worth Following

Hello hello. Wednesday is a busy day. Busy busy. Classes started back at uni this week and so far I've only had three of my four classes but they are all really exciting and interesting. 😀 I'm really looking forward to the rest of semester, which is not something I've wholeheartedly said before so that's … Continue reading The Pirate Code: Sometimes Guidelines Are Worth Following

Wednesday WIPpet

So last week I posted a totally irrelevant one-liner and I think that for the next few weeks while I'm editing, I'll continue to do the same. As always, you are welcome to join us here. Like last week's offering to the WIPpet gods, this one liner is currently a stand alone thing. 🙂 Freedom is … Continue reading Wednesday WIPpet


So we all know what day it is, no need to go over that. As it's been super busy with uni over the last few weeks and it will only get worse now that we are only a few weeks from exams. Therefore, after this week, I won't be posting any new material for a … Continue reading Questions

The Ticking Clock

Hosted by the lovely and prolific K.L. Schwengel, to who we are all eternally in debt, WIPpet Wednesday seems to be in full force. Unlike my assignments... Anyway, welcome. As I mentioned in my last post, I have decided on a new blogging format. Yes, I know, I've done so before with varying levels of … Continue reading The Ticking Clock